Dutch artist Sjaak Kaashoek (born 1961) grew up in Sliedrecht, a village in Holland. As a child he loved to draw. When he was 14 years old he discovered the renaissance masters  Dürer,  Leonardo and  Michelangelo. In those years he made a lot of pencil drawings  inspired by the great masters.

Drawing of Leonardo copied in pencil when Kaashoek was 15 years old
Studies made when he was 16 years old.

Like his great model Rembrandt van Rijn he wanted to study painting and etching, so he signed up at the academy  CABK; Christelijke Academie voor Beeldend Kunstonderwijs (tr. Christian Academy for Visual Art Education) in Kampen.

Dust cloth, pencil on paper, probably 1979

There he studied from 1981-1986 in the printmakers’ workshop and painting studio. He got lessons from Ko Oosterkerk  (1928-2012), who was a well-known Dutch printmaker. Oosterkerk studied in 1963 in Paris at the famous studio “Atelier 17” by Stanley  William Hayter  (1901-1988).

“Composition” etching made in 1985.

In the painting studio of this academy, Kaashoek got lessons from Guido Lippens and Eli Content. Meanwhile he studied in Amsterdam at Amsterdamse Academie voor TeHaTex (at present time  Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten). There he learned to teach drawings and also he graduated from this school.

“Composition” etching 1985

Since 1996 Kaashoek is full-time Professional artist, making and selling a lot of paintings, etchings and drawings, even commissioned.

Museum Exhibitions

2019-2020 Stedelijk Museum Kampen tentoonstelling stillevens

2017 Stedelijk Museum Kampen tentoonstelling “Beeld van een Stad”

2015 Boomkwekerij museum in Boskoop (NL) group-exhibition
2014 Stedelijk Museum Kampen (NL) group
2012 Wilhelm Morgner Haus, Soest, Germany, with Wouter Berns
2009 Voerman Museum Hattem (NL) group
1995 Muzee Scheveningen, The Hague (NL) duo-exhibition
1987 Provinciaal Museum Goes (NL) group

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