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Copper engravings; work in progress

    Copper engravings (copies and own work made by Sjaak Kaashoek)


    State proof and first print of this copper engraving (Pitahaya fruit) The burr of the engraven line is visible in the print, but disappears after some prints.       Of course you can smooth the line with a scraper. The copperplate is soft and eases the engraving process.


  “Doodle” , engraved in medium hard copper



  Made this engraving after a drawing of the Dutch engraver Jacques de Gheyn II.

  In his drawings he used lines who are characteristic in copper engravings. The plate is medium hard.


  Copy of “The Big Horse” of Albrecht Dürer. Studying the process and to manage the difficulties of graving smooth curved lines. Engraved in soft copper.       The stains at the top of the plate were created by heating the plate to make it softer. The stains are easy to remove with a scraper and burnisher.


  Copy of “The four witches” of Albrecht Dürer in medium hard copper. First engraving of Dürer which I started to copy. I learned a lot of the process and         the way Dürer solved problems of for-and background. But the plate was to hard to engrave afterwards.